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Newman Enquiries

This page is available to put on record readers' enquiries about their Newman family links. By doing so, their data will be made available (through search engines) to other researchers who may have complementary information.

If you would like to make use of this facility, please send whatever information that you have about your Newman ancestors by email to . Your text will be copied and pasted into these pages, so please ensure that you send us the words as you would like them to appear.

Please note: your email address will be encrypted (as is the one above) to prevent "spambots" from making use of it. [See for encyption coding that will be used.]

Enquiries have been lodged as follows:

8th Oct 2015 - Newmans from Portland/Weymouth in Dorset.

My great grandmother was Henrietta Frances Susan Newman, and a copy of the Newman family crest was passed down to my mother, plus a one-page typed document about 'The family of Newman' and Fifehead Magdalen.

As a child, my mother and her sisters were sometimes taken to the church at Fifehead Magdalen and they were told that Sir Richard Newman etc. were their ancestors.

This is where I have got to with the family tree:

  • Henrietta Frances Susan Newman 1876 - 1963, daughter of
  • Henry Newman 1843 - 1876 (m. Frances), son of
  • John Ayles Newman b. 1802 (m. Susan Coleman (nee Bray)), son of
  • Thomas Newman 1766 - 1848 (m. Anne Ayles), son of
  • Edward Newman 1739 - 1792 (m. Sarah White), son of
  • Edward Newman d.1756 (m. Ann(e) Pearce/Barse? in 1735 Portland, Dorset)

All of the above were located in Portland/Weymouth in Dorset.

I am trying to find out if our ancestors were Fifehead Newmans. or whether wrong information has been passed down to us.

Sue Annetts-Smith -

6th Aug 2013 - Newmans who emigrated to America in 1633/4.


My name is Kathleen A. T. Newman. I am looking for the branch of my family that stayed behind in England.

THOMAS NEWMAN: came to America from England in 1633/34 on the "Mary & John". He is listed at Southwark Cathedral in London.

Ships List:

THOMAS NEWMAN (WILLIAM) was born in England, and died June 02, 1659 in East Town, New Netherlands (Westchester Co., NY). He married MARY MOORTON on September 13, 1607 in St. Savior Parish, Southwark, England. She was born Abt. 1588 in England, and died 1614 in CT.


  • WILLIAM NEWMAN, b. Abt. 1610, England; d. 1675, Stamford, CT.
  • JOHN NEWMAN, b. Aft. 1610, England.

If your line is related to Thomas Newman and you are located in the UK feel free to contact Kathleen Newman at or .

Thank you,

Newmans in Tasmania

I am searching for more information about Robert Newman (B. abt 1851; D. 1920) who married Ellen Cousins in 1875 in Westbury, Tasmania. Robert and Ellen went on to have at least 10 children and they lived for a time in Anderson Street, Zeehan, Tasmania. I have not been able to discover who were Robert's parents, or where he was born. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact if you can help.

Sarah Johanna Newman of Capetow, South Africa

My Great granma was Sarah Johanna Newman b: November 1, 1868 in Cape Town, South Africa. She married a Christian John Sickle. If anyone can shed light on Sarah it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact if you can help.

Newmans or Newnams from Fulham

from the USA has asked for help in her search for the descendants of George (Albinus) Newman and his wife Ellen (Nell) who resided in Fulham. She writes:

My family's name was listed as "Newnam" in the 1901 UK census and "Newman" in the 1891 census and Newnam in the 1881 census. George Newman (or Newnam) was listed as a journeyman (apprentice) baker in the 1881 census and a bread baker in the 1891 and 1901 census. The families sub-registration district was listed as North West Fulham in the 1901 census.

In the 1901 census, two children were listed in the household, Percy (16) and Ella May Bussey Newnam (Newman) an 11 yr. old adopted daughter (my grandmother who married Henry Butcher of Walthamstowe and emigrated to the US in 1923). There may have been another biological daughter named " May ".

Ellen (wife, no maiden name available ) was born around 1840. George would have been born
around 1836. The family resided in St. Peter's Parish.

As you can see, this search has been problematic from the start due to the Newman/Newnam name switch. My grandmother gave her maiden name as "Newnam", but she was not the most literate person and I know that surname spellings weren't standardized until the 20th century.

Hettie Newman of Brighton - stage performer c.1900(?)

from the UK is trying to find the descendants of a Henrietta or Hettie Newman who appears to have been a performer in the late 19th century. Pam has the following photos and some newspaper cuttings relating to Henrietta, and would like to find a home for them with Henrietta's descendants.


Martha Newman, born England c.1823

from Skateateles, New York seeks information about a Martha Newman, born England c.1823:

My 2nd great grandmother was Martha Newman, born about 1823 in England. She married Jacob Sutton, who was born about 1821 in England and died there in 1870. This couple had the following children: Ellen, born Reading, Gloucestershire, 1852; Louise, born Reading, Gloucestershire, 1855; Emmanuel, 1858; Mary, 1861, died at age 5, England; Joseph and Job, born Brinkworth, Wiltshire,1864; and Harry, 1866. Martha Newman Sutton died in Brinkworth, Wiltshire, in 1866. Except for Mary, who died as a child, the others came to USA, and other than not knowing what happened to Joseph, they came to Marcellus or Skaneateles, Onondaga County, New York. Louise married William Lukins. Ellen married George Bendall. Harry remained a bachelor. Have any Newman researchers heard of Martha, who married Jacob Sutton?

Francis and Margaret Newman of Liverpool, England (d.1947)

from England is seeking informtion about her ancestors. She writes:

I am just starting out and need lots of guidance. My place of birth is Liverpool. My father had seven brothers and one sister. Both my grandfather an grandmother passed away in 1947. There are no known relatives left on my side. My father also has passed away. His name was Robert William Newman. My grandfather's name was Francis Newman and his wife was called Margaret. From what I can gather my Grandmother's maiden name was Bethel."

Joseph Gower Newman of Birmingham, England, emigrated to Australia, late 19th Century

from Australia is seeking help tracing her ancestors:

I have been researching my family tree but have come to a dead end on my mother’s side, her grandfather Joseph Gower Newman (the Gower is supposed to be a link to another family name possibly his mothers) came to Australia from Birmingham, England, and I do not have any concrete evidence of this only what I’ve been told. He met my Great Grandmother Caroline Wright. I do not know if they were married, but they had a son my Grandfather, Joseph Lewin Gower Newman at Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 08/01/1897.

Not long after this my Great Grandfather, Joseph Snr died in a tragic accident, my mother had told me that he died in his early twenties, with the bends while deep sea diving in Queensland, but I do not know if this is true. He was buried at Toowong on the 13th January 1899.

Caroline went on to marry a Thomas Marshall and had other children, but any other living relatives do not seem to have any more knowledge of the original Joseph then I do.

My Grandfather was at Gallipoli and was quite a war hero, being awarded the Military Medal . His story was in the London papers at the time under the heading “The Amazing Aussie”. I never heard my grandfather talk about his father, and my mother and her siblings never seemed to ask. My mother's name was Caroline Lillian Gower Newman.

The tragic story of John Newman and Florence Stanley of Chippenham, UK, d.1901

from the UK tells of the tragic story of Florence Stanley of Chippenham who was engaged to a John (Jack) Newman b.1877 in Chippenham, to Jonah & Elizabeth Newman. Jonah was a Master Saddler & Harness Maker and ran a shop in High Street Chippenham, Wiltshire. (He was born in Ampney Crucis, Gloucester). John was engaged to a Florence Stanley, a nurse b.1878. In 1901 Florence and John spent the evening together in Calne at Florence's aunts house. The next morning Florence saw John off on the train to Chippenham, went back to her aunt's house, wrote a farewell note to John and drowned herself!

Margaret wrote:

I started the researching my family tree 2 years ago and was given a 'family' photo by my aunt. I reckon it would have been taken around 1899. It showed one too many daughters! I was told the 'extra' daughter was Florence and she had died quite young.

Well - that intrigued me! I visited Trowbridge records office whilst down in Chippenham and - lo and behold - with the help of the staff - I found two newspaper articles. One telling of the death of Florrie and the other the funeral.

But Florrie won't leave me! She was only 23! I have tried to gain more information on her to no avail so I thought I would try the Newman line. I looked for her grave in Calne but couldn't find it. I just wondered if any stories of the tragedy would have been handed down.

It is such a sad story and I am searching for any relatives of John Newman in the hope that his side of the story was passed down. It appeared that the couple did not quarrel - he was devastated - she was not 'with child'. I would just love to know why".

P.S.- her aunt (Elizabeth) was indeed in Devizes Lunatic Asylum she died the year after Florence (1902) only 46! The records are at Trowbridge now but very incomplete. She HAD been a seamstress so I wonder what happened?"

Margaret attached the photo (below) of Florence and her family together with a newspaper report of the coroner's enquiry into her death, and a brief report on her funeral.

Newmans from Sussex in the 17th Century, emigrated to Tasmania in the 19th Century

from Tasmania has sent in a very interesting account of her Newman family heritage which goes back to the village of Iping in West Sussex in the late eighteenth century. She is very keen to hear from anyone who knows anything about this branch of the Newman family.

Her account is presented in PDF format and can be viewed by clicking here.

Ernest Newman of Topsham (1891 census)


Can anyone help me further with my Newman ancestors? I have found the following in the 1891 census relating to my grandfather Ernest Newman:-

  • Newman, George J., Head; m.; age 42; Mason Journeyman; born Topsham.
  • Newman, Mary J. Wife; m.; age 43; born Woodbury.
  • Newman, Frederick, son; age 19; Grocer's Assist; born Topsham.
  • Newman, Lucy A. daughter; age 17; Dom; born Topsham.
  • Newman, Francis G son; age 12 Scholar; born Topsham.
  • Newman, Ernest L son; age 9; Scholar; born Topsham.
  • Newman, Ada L daughter; age 6; Scholar; born Topsham.
  • Newman, Alfred A son; age 3; Scholar; born Topsham.


Richard Newman of Boston, d. 1994

of Boston, MA, USA requests help tracing his Newman ancestors:

My dad's name was Richard Newman and he was orphaned as an infant due to his father, Edwin C. Newman's accidental death and his mother was very ill & infirm at the time.  He died in 1994 , prior to which he showed me a grave in Winchester, MA & said he suspects his father is buried there. He was correct & I have confirmed that my Gandfather, my GGrandfather and 10 others including wives & children are buried there. I have not been able to locate any living NEWMAN relatives.

The following are the connections I've made so far:

William Newman, b. 1835, Wherwell, Southampton,ENG
Edwin C. Newman,b.1866, Baltimore, MD, USA
Richard Newman, b. 1905, Boston, MA, USA
Richard L. Newman, b. 1941, Cambridge, MA,USA (me)

The first names of three of these ancestors run in your Newman line as well, viz: Richard and Edwin. This along with the distance between villages, aroused my curiosity to there being a connection. These may be just coincidental similarities. There isn't much chance of a connection, but it is another avenue for me to pursue. Just a few short years ago I had no knowledge of my ancestry.

The PQ connection was made recently by accident. While doing an undefined search of the Newman name on the internet, I came upon the Bryant family tree of Rumford, ME in the Genweb Project. These generations in the USA began with a Gentleman named Daniel Y.Bryant who married Hannah Newman. Her 1880 obituary, generously supplied me by the author of "The Bryant Family Tree" indicates her arriving in PQ with her father Richard Newman & mother Charlotte Joyce & younger brother(my GGrandfather) about 1840.